The World of Countdown

Join us this New Year’s as we probe the deepest mysteries of the cosmos and unlock the secrets of the universe through sonic vibration and movement. Discover a world inhabited by celestial beings and alien technology, where intergalactic frequencies can be detected at every turn. Perhaps we are not alone after all.

Dome in front of trees

The Stages

Multiple universes coexist in the world of Countdown, each with its own array of sights and sounds.

Crowd in front of stage

The Music

Our musical frequencies transcend time and space, emitting signals heard—and felt— across the galaxy.

The Art

Explore interactive feats of technology, displays of color and light, and signs of extraterrestrial life.

Rainbow art on black background

The Performers

You may find yourself dancing among beings from outer space. Don’t panic—our fearless space cadets will protect you.

A group of aliens

Our Headliners

We may come from different planets, but here, we are one. You are the center of our universe; that’s why YOU are the Headliner.

Group of Headliners posing